January 2018 One to One Winter workshop in the Yorkshire Dales

One of my favourite things to do is share the skills I have. I love helping out others with their Photography and seeing them enjoy the magic of the medium. I’ve been teaching for a while now. I used to teach workshops at The Royal Academy of Arts in London, and The Photographers Gallery. They were such lovely spaces and I met so many brilliant people whilst doing the workshops. Sharing what I know feels natural. I’ve been doing quite a few winter workshops recently. When I moved back to my home county of Yorkshire, I was quick to notice the lack of photography workshops. I really missed doing them, sharing and meeting new people who love Photography!

Monday’s can be pretty miserable, but not when you’re teaching a workshop up Penhill. The lovely Susan got in touch with me about getting her camera off manual mode and feeling comfortable with her cameras. She loves landscape and nature and is headed to Alaska later in the year. A winter workshop dealing with different light and conditions was perfect.
We started the day up Penhill, finding paths in the snow, seeing a fell runner at the top in shorts (!!), and making our way down (a combination of stealth moves and sliding down on our bums). We headed to Leyburn to go have a look at the mornings results, and importantly warm up from the minus temperatures with a tea and scone.
Next up we went to Harmby waterfull, which was in full flow. Trying out the different techniques learnt from the morning. It was only half one, and susan had got it. Next up the tripod task, getting to grips with slower motion.
To complete the day we ended up in Jervaulx hunting for snowdrops and nature in the ruins. It was a day of four seasons.
The workshop covered using the light, getting to know your camera, feeling confident on manual, editing and workflow.
Thank you Susan for a lovely attitude to learning new things and for a adventurous snow attitude!
If you’re keen to learn some new skills in a one to one workshop send me a message either on here or to email Jorebeccaweddings@gmail.com to book a place and I can send you some more information. I run one to ones which the Great Oaks package. I also run workshops for younger photographers in groups or one to one, these are the little acorns package. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope everyone is getting warm by the fire and has had a lovely weekend. 

Jo x 

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