Keeley & Chris….From North Yorkshire to East London Cool Indie Wedding

McQueen Flowers

Highlights from the East London wedding

Keeley and Chris were Yorkshire a lad and lass who loved East London. They both had a taste for all things hip and cool. As a Yorkshire lass myself who studied photography at the University of the Arts in London and ex-East Londonite we were on good ground. I knew the venue, hotel and area well. Although I a North Yorkshire wedding photographer. I’m always happy to travel to different locations. This winter wedding is very cool, very hip and has to be one of my favourites to date. The bride and groom, all their family and pals traveled down from York.

The hotel was truly original in every way. The Zetter hotel is in a cobbled yard, tranquil but in the heart of London. I arrived early in the morning while the girls were all getting their hair done. Then it was quick smart, off in a black cab, to Selfridges. Keeley (and the girls) had booked in for wedding make-up with the entire Laura Mercier team. Another hop back in the cab, and back to getting dressed. The venue for the wedding,  just over the road but that walk when you’re a bride takes nerves of steel. Off to The ye olde worldy Museum of the order of Saint John we went.

I caught up with Chris, who was waiting eagerly in the beautiful old hall. The wedding was a real mix of old and new, quirky and hip meet traditional in the most beautiful way. Keeley came down the aisle with her best pal, Dan, followed by her three daughters. As you’ll see later on the family were a huge part of the day. The first dance was shared with the whole family, a really touching moment.

It was a hop, skip and jump onto a lovely vintage red bus. We made our way to Vintage salt for a wonderfully quirky posh fish and chips. The entire of the

restaurant was hired out for the wedding party. The cake was a beautiful three tier with a modern day twist. After everyone was fed, watered and fed again, we jumped back on the bus and headed to the NEXT VENUE! That’s right three venues. I told you it was a cool wedding. Lastly but most definitely not leastly St.Bart’s Brewery a central London wedding venue with a difference.

Supplier List

Flowers: McQueen

Bus: The Vintage Red Bus company

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Winter Pimms:Tricycle Temptations

Wedding Favours: Liberty of London

The magnificent marshmellow company


The Zetter Townhouse Hotel

Musuem of the Order of Saint John

Vintage Salt

St Bart’s Brewery

It was a brilliant London wedding with a Yorkshire twist.

Thank you!

-Jo x-

Wedding Business Workshop

Wedding photography is a real passion of mine. I don’t think it should be entered into light heartedly. This is a couple’s big day, one of the most important in their life, and as photographers we create the story that remains. Those photos will be looked back on years to come. I’ve been doing wedding photography for five years now and kept getting messages from people looking to get into it. I decided to set up workshops to share what I’ve learnt with others. The workshops are themed on what people want and need the most. Andy and Julie are avid photographers, both have been doing on-line learning and really want to make a go of it. I met up with the couple to see what workshop I could offer, we looked at what they wanted to improve on and a wedding photography business needs. 

The first signs of spring on a Photography workshop in Great Givendale, the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds

The day was around the Yorkshire Wolds, we went to the beautiful Great Givendale Church, to tackle low light conditions, around Pocklington, a trip to the Florist, to a local coffee shop to tackle close-up and details, to All Saints Church and then home to edit!  I think as those working in the wedding photography business we should always look at growing and helping others. So workshops for me a really great way of doing this. 

I usually do these workshops one on one, but Andy and Julie are a couple. So I focused on their separate needs. Julie really loves detail. She’s got an eye for colour, and shapes. We went to Mouse House Floral design, a Florist in Pocklington. Where I got Julie to hand pick some beautiful flowers. We then went onto Costellos bakery  ( to practice some photos in a space that is beautiful. All the tables are wooden, with a lil book swap area. The staff were really helpful, and make a lovely flat white. Which is reason enough for me to visit again. 

Costellos Coffee shop details in Pocklington

Costellos Coffee shop details in Pocklington

Costellos Coffee shop details in Pocklington

Costellos Coffee shop where we carried on doing the workshop

Costellos Coffee shop where we carried on doing the workshop

After we had handled low light conditions, a portraiture task, and close-ups. We went onto Great Givendale for the sun going down over the wolds. Church of St. Ethelburga in Great Givendale is a really unique place. It isn’t far from Millington or Pocklington. The church is a national heritage grade II listed building. The little church  was rebuilt in 1849 on the site of a much earlier, 12th century church.  It’s one of the hidden gems of the landscape around the wolds. 

Church of St. Ethelburga in Great Givendale

Church of St. Ethelburga in Great Givendale

Church of St. Ethelburga in Great Givendale

Church of St. Ethelburga in Great Givendale  photography workshop

When we started to lose the light we headed back to begin Lightroom workflow, and editing. This is where we get to grips with the more business side of Photography. Talking marketing, websites and more.  If you’d like to know more have a look at my workshop page here:

Thank you for reading and thank you to Andy and Julie! 

Jo - x - 

* * * 

E N G A G M E N T // P R E - W E D D I N G P H O T O S H O O T

E N G A G M E N T // P R E - W E D D I N G P H O T O S H O O T  with Chris Whincup & Agnieszka Whincup

I’ve known my pal Chris (Swiss) for over ten years. We’ve grown up together, travelled Australia, had insanely silly times and memories.
When Swiss met Agi a few years ago in York, he found a beautiful person inside and out. They are best friends, plus Agi puts up with Chris ALWAYS falling asleep when he’s had a tipple or two.
Their engagement couldn’t have been more perfect. Grand canyon, helicopter, VEGAS. As a wedding present I wanted to give my favourite couple an pre wedding photoshoot. We headed to the beautiful Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales
We met up in York, went on a little Road trip to the Dales. I don’t get to see these guys as much as I would like, so we headed to The White Bear, Masham ( for lunch and to see what the pair wanted from these photos. Also to have the a good pub lunch and a sneaky relaxing cider. I heard all about their actual wedding Plans, Flying to Poland, beautiful country estate. We then headed off on a wander to take some photos.
The majority of couples I photograph have a few worries about pre-wedding shoots. Many people feel nervous, don’t like having their photo taken, or feel they don’t look good in photos … Don’t worry it’s normal! Most people feel that way, this couple were no exception, but as with any couple, it’s my job to make you feel at ease. Which is a little easier with close friends who’ve known you a long time.
Many couples are camera shy, Chris and Agi were no exception. Luckily for them, they know how silly and goofy I am, most couples feel comfortable within minutes. It really helps you to get to know your photographer before the big day.
Swiss and Agi got married in 2017, Congratulations to one of my favourite couples in the world ANDDD A huge thank you, as it was so much fun and such a pleasure to do these photos.

Jo x

* * *

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